Why OSS?

A well-rested body is one of the keys to a healthy, happy life. A good night sleep is not only invigorating, but also the ideal remedy against stress. Better sleep always begins you’re your bed and mattress for the very simple reason that since we cannot always get the necessary amount of sleep needed, we should try to get the most out of the sleep we get.

Orthopaedic Sleep System, a family run business, has been specializing in the field of healthy bedding for the last thirty years. The products we sell are aimed at providing our clientele with the healthiest sleep systems available on the market. OSS firmly believes in quality products, which are environmentally friendly and offer long lasting comfort. In an effort to maintain our high standards of accomplishment, OSS is committed to constant research and development of new products, to improve our clients' way of life.

OSS Products


All OSS products are of premium quality and are all made in Italy.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on the items purchased from OSS to any delivery address in Malta & Gozo.

Sleep Well

A well rested body is one of the keys to a healthy, happy life. Find out why?

5YR Warranty

OSS stand behind the quality of their products and are offering a 5-year warranty on all mattresses.

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